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The Nutrition Nut knows that hectic lifestyles and stressful lives can have an extremely negative effect on our health. In addition, many people have a complex relationship with food and the powerful cravings one experiences can be hugely destructive and seemingly impossible to break. But these difficult relationships with food and cravings can be conquered and healthier habits established. This will result in numerous significant benefits including: mood improvements, increased energy levels, balanced hormones and weight loss.

As a registered nutritionist Kate will steer and support you through your journey based on The Nutrition Nut’s philosophy that your health is your wealth.

Kate is registered with certain medical providers. Check with your insurance company to see if they are happy to cover your nutrition consultations, and if required investigations such as blood tests, hair mineral analysis and stool analysis. Please contact for more information.

Federation of Nutritional Therapy PractitionersFederation of Holistic Therapists  The Nutrition Society